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Starting a business in Germany, Workshop Berlin

Jürgen Nastvogel

Jürgen Nastvogel, Unternehmensberatung Berlin

Duration: 2 days
Participans: max. 7 participans
Time: 9.00 - 16.00 h each day
Fees: 590 € per paticipant
Targetgroup: start ups, Entrepreneurs and others
Lecturer: Jürgen Nastvogel
Place: Triftstr. 52, 13353 Berlin Wedding
Times to start: according to prior agreement
Individual counselling: according to prior agreement
Fees:  130,- €  / hour


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Schedule to start your business in germany?

You  decided to steer your self-employment into concrete paths with a business start-up? Now you would like to go ahead in big steps? Congratulations! In order to make your time a little easier, we have compiled some important points to consider.

This founding two day workshop should help you
to find the most important ones.


In the following we distinguish five phases:
Phase I considerations / basis
Phase II preparations / planning
Phase III concretization / applications
Phase IV realization
Phase V implementation

day 1: General items

  • Consult chambers of commerce or institutions
  • Analyze market and location
  • Cities / municipalities, offices, authorities
  • Search Tax Advisor, suitable banks, Lawyer search
  • Chambers or institutions, Site search, contract negotiations
  • Contact a consultant, Industry associations, associations, organizations
  • Negotiations with suppliers, Search for employees
  • Plan risk prevention
  • Make loan and grant applications, Acquire concessions, exams and notes

day 2: Specific Items

  • Set up business
  • Organize opening advertising, accounting
  • Create a key figure system, Prepare and train employees
  • Sign up for business to Tax office, Chamber of Trade, IHK,
  • professional association, Employment Agency, social Security Institutions
  • commercial register

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